Add Protection to Your Surgical Mask with LM Brace

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend: "Use a mask fitter or brace over a disposable mask or a cloth mask to prevent air from leaking around the edges of the mask." Improve How Your Mask Protects You | CDC

For this purpose, LM mask brace is developed by two US university researchers. It is well-engineered to provide a seal between a surgical mask and your face. It functions as an accessory to a surgical mask (adult size) to prevent air leakage at the edges, thereby providing better protection and preventing the fogging of glasses.

It is worth having a LM brace, as this brace is reusable for at least 1 year. Wear it over a surgical mask in a congested place, such as supermarket, uber, bus, plane, auditorium and/or classroom. Then take off and sterilize with, e.g., hand sanitizer for next use.

LM brace can be worn and adjusted using head straps or ear loops, as shown below in the comparison chart and the products.

LM Face Mask Brace–Adjustable head straps-Seals edges of surgical mask–Breathe 30 times cleaner air–Reduces fogging on eyeglasses–Quality tested in a US Lab

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