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LM Face Mask Brace–Adjustable ear loops-Seals edges of surgical mask–Reduces fogging on eyeglasses–Added protection

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This is a new version of the LM mask brace. To conveniently wear it, the adjustable head straps in the previous version (CL 3D Devices ~ Products ~ LM Face Mask Brace–Seals Edges of Surgical Mask–Breathe 30 Times Cleaner Air–Reduces Fogging on Eyeglasses–Quality tested in a US Lab ~ Shopify ( have been replaced with adjustable ear loops. In addition to preventing the edge leak of a surgical mask, the brace also reduces fogging on glasses. It is 100% made of medical (skin-contact) grade silicone. This material ensures a soft feel and safe contact with the skin. Its ear loops are adjustable to better fit face. It is worth having a LM brace, as this brace is reusable for at least 1 year. Keep it at home, in the office, or inside your car. Wear it over a surgical mask in a congested place, such as supermarket, shopping mall, uber, bus, plane, auditorium and/or classroom. Then take off and sterilize with, for example, hand sanitizer for next use. Patent is pending.